The Short Version:

Creating an impression using a limited supply of stock photos coupled with blank verse (and typeface, technically).  Exploring the boundaries of truth and honesty in a medium that pretends it is about both, but isn’t about either.

The Long Version:

This started as something very different – a long time ago it was a activist type project intended to send trumpets (and horns) to protest the building of a wall around Palestine- yes, I’ve always loved irony, but never really enjoyed the logistics of something like that, or indeed, dealing with people, we lost motivation and so it got shelved.  (I think we managed half a dozen trumpets, of which I still have one.)

It was then simply blank verse – I was struggling with finding time to write and resorted to ‘quick and dirty’ blank verse.  That’s not entirely fair, but it feels like you’re achieving something in a shorter time span.  Within that, I wanted it to be fairly honest, and it is, but the nature of the medium denies it the ability to be free from artifice.  There’s a line there, but I’m not sure that I know where it is.

And then, when I was thinking about it, I realised that it wasn’t really practical to publish this with other poetic works and needed to stand alone, as well as being more accessible than just words…  And so I decided to combine it with stock images, stock to make more interesting for me, and I was curious as to how the picture chosen could affect meaning, coupled with the font.  I’m no graphic designer, which is obvious, but I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.

So here we are.  Project Jericho.

Stock Images from Pexels, Fonts from…  All used under CC0 license.  If this is in error, please let me know.

The words, such as they are, are mine.  If you intend to quote/use them, please let me know.



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