Couldn’t they be easier to read?

Yes, they could.  You seem to be under the assumption that they are meant to be easy to read.

Why is 023 blank?

It’s not.

What’s with the ‘dubious sanity’?

I’m fairly sure that I have undiagnosed depression – the thing with depression is that it can be very difficult to make the effort to actually do something about it.  I’m at that stage where I know I should, but haven’t.

How often will this be updated?

Honestly, every three to six months probably.  Maybe.

How true is this?

How true is anything?  Is the author dead?  Only kind of.  I doubt, therefore I might be.

I’m feeling depressed as well – should I start a blog?

If you think it will help, sure, but first you should seek professional help.

Do you own the copyright for all of this?

Kind of…  the base images are sourced from Pexels, and are used under the CC0 license, so I only technically have copyright on them as a combined entity, that is, with the words.  The fonts are also CC0.  In other words, you can’t take my gestalt images and claim them as your own (well, you can, but you shouldn’t), however you could get the base images and add your own words and then you could claim ownership of your gestalt images.

Make sense?

Can I download this as a file?

Sure, here’s Year One as a PDF: Project Jericho year 1

Are you going to release this as a physical book?

Maybe?  It would depend on how much interest there was and if it was viable to keep the costs down.  In theory, I could release it as an ebook, but I don’t think the media is quite right for it.


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